AI-Assisted Lesson Development

We offer teachers a set of tools to express their creativity, cultivate their expertise, and align planning with what works for their students. We provide infrastructure for a new way of sourcing educational resources.

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A transparent and principled means to integrate an AI assistant into your lesson planning workflow.

Over 50 resource types to choose from for a variety of subjects

Create flexible learning resources that may be integrated into existing curriculum or serve as the basis for something new.

Improve productivity on time consuming tasks

Use our Teaching Assistant to streamline instructional planning and give you the time to focus on the unique needs of your students.

Meet the needs of diverse learners

Continue to revise and remix generated content to shape the path of learning that best fits your classroom.

A better way to source educational content for your students that is relevant, engaging and accessible.

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Source It

Leverage the power of large language models through a curated prompting system to turn your words—your ideas—into the basis for effective and flexible educational resources.

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Shape It

Use our suite of personalization features to differentiate and adapt educational resources to fit your unique context—adjust a text’s lexile level, translate materials, extract keyword glossaries, and much more.

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Share It

Cultivate expertise and collaborate with other users. Share your educational resources with a community of practice to reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute to find what works best for students.

Join over 5000 educators already using Eduaide.Ai.

Empower your classroom by creating educational content in seconds.

    • I think Eduaide is and will be super helpful to all teachers to ensure that students needs can be met

      Mr. Donohue
    • Eduaide is an efficient application that incorporates a variety of teaching techniques, resources, assessments, and differentiation to engage learners. By creating unique lessons within seconds based on the content being taught within your personal classroom and grade level, teachers can focus more on instruction without the hassle of planning.

      Mrs. Manning
    • Eduaide is the perfect companion for educators, especially new educators or educators without many resources. The apps features help immensely with lesson plan development and design.

      Mr. Sampson
    • Lesson planning time is cut in half due to By using this program I am able to adapt lessons to suit students needs, optimize the learning environment, improve communication with students and parents, and enhance the efficiency and quality of lesson planning. It has an easy to use design that allows you to have access to millions of ideas right at your fingertips

      Ms. Douglas
    • Eduaide is perfect for creating unique and meaningful activities for my students at the click of a button. No more scrounging through the internet to find the perfect thing!

      Ms. Atchison
    • This idea is a game changer for schools! Eduaide will allow teachers and educators to reclaim time lost and spend it on genuine teaching and learning!

      Mr. Strickland

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