By Teachers, For Teachers

Eduaide.Ai was created by two public school teachers who saw large language models as tools to eliminate teacher burnout and democratize access to high-quality teaching resources. To aid us in this mission, we assembled an advisory board that holds our team accountable to our founding principles, best instructional practices, and teachers everywhere.

Eduaide.Ai Advisory Board

  • Headshot of Dr. Marnie Stockman

    Dr. Marnie Stockman

    Co-founder of Lifecycle Insights, Advisory board member for start-ups

    Dr. Marnie Stockman, Ed.D., started her career with the toughest customers of all… high school math students. Her passion for education and using data and humor to help others grow and succeed took her from the classroom to Sr. Director of Customer Success of a leading Ed Tech company, and now Co-Founder and former CEO of Lifecycle Insights. With her default setting locked on “smiles,” she aims to create raving fans for Lifecycle Insights and build and advise start-ups to scale their way to success. Marnie is a lifelong learner having earned her B.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education, her Masters in Education around curriculum development, and her Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership. When she isn't walking, working, and writing books on leadership, she can be found playing volleyball or golf with her husband and two 20-something kids.

    Ed.D - Educational Leadership

  • Headshot of Dr. Earl Watkins

    Dr. Earl Watkins

    School Superintendent

    Dr. Earl Watkins currently leads the Mississippi Achievement School District as its Superintendent of Education. His career has included roles, such as adjunct professor of educational leadership at Jackson State University, math curriculum coordinator, principal of a middle and high school, Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools, and Conservator of two Mississippi school districts. Dr. Watkins has served as an education consultant for the Foundation of the Mid South, Ask for More Jackson, One Voice, Community Foundation for Mississippi, Partners in School Innovation, Woodward Hines Education Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. As a school leadership consultant, he has worked with school districts, in addition to regional and state organizations such as the Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools at Delta State University, the Mississippi Center for Education Innovation, and the Mississippi Department of Education. Dr. Watkins previously served on the Ready by 21 National Leadership Council at the Forum for Youth Investment, and he is a past president of the Mississippi Alliance of Black School Educators, a chartered state affiliate of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. Dr. Watkins is currently the state education committee chairman for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP and has held that role for 12 years.

    Ph.D. - Educational Leadership | M.S. - Educational Leadership | B.S. - Mathematics

  • Headshot of Dr. Christopher Devers

    Dr. Christopher Devers

    Assistant Professor

    Christopher Devers received a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as an MS in educational administration and a BS in engineering and technology education from Purdue University. He is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Overall, Dr. Devers is interested in applied metacognitive processes and how people learn. Specifically, he explores learning using videos, mobile devices, and in online environments. He is also interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and student success.

    Ph.D. - Curriculum and Instruction | M.S. - Educational Administration | B.S. - Engineering and Technology Education

  • Headshot of Lauren Greer

    Lauren Greer

    Career and technical education teacher; Biomedical Science Teacher

    Lauren Greer is a Career and Technology Biomedical Science teacher who empowers her students to recognize their individual strengths and talents. Greer was the ‘21-’22 Talbot County Teacher of the Year and was a state finalist for Maryland Teacher of the Year. She earned a BS in Environmental Science from Gettysburg College (2006) and received a MAT in Secondary Earth Space Science Education from Towson University (2010). She is a Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science certified teacher and also holds certifications in Advanced Placement Biology & Environmental Science. Lauren is a Co-Advisor of the National Technical Honor Society, the Green Schools Committee Chair, a member of the school’s Equity Team as well as a digital leader for her school. She contributes to science curriculum writing as well as leads school-based and county-based professional development opportunities.

    MAT - Earth/Space Science Education | B.S. - Environmental Science w/ Concentration in Geospatial Analysis | National Board Certification | Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Certified | AP Biology & Environmental Science Certified

  • Headshot of Dr. Yolanda Holloway

    Dr. Yolanda Holloway


    Dr. Yolanda Holloway has been an educator for more than 20 years. Her career has included classroom teaching and school administration. She has instructed or led in public urban, suburban, and rural school districts as well as non-public juvenile detention settings. Her belief in the power of education has provided her with opportunities to work with children and adults in Pk-12th grade, community college, and most recently, graduate school. Her overriding philosophy is that we should be servant leaders. Don't tell other people to do what you are not willing to do or model yourself!

    Ph.D. - Educational Leadership | Administration II Certificate

  • Headshot of Marshall Martin

    Marshall Martin

    First-Year Composition Program Assistant; Graduate Instructor

    Marshall Martin is an ABD doctoral student in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of South Florida (USF). Mr. Martin teaches numerous university Writing Studies classes across the areas of First-Year Composition (FYC), Professional and Technical Communication (PTC), and rhetorical theory, and works as an assistant to the director of the FYC Program to provide support for all programmatic procedures and decisions. His research areas include writing program administration (WPA), rhetorical and composition theory, academic labor, and institutional critique.

    Ph.D. - Rhetoric and Composition (ABD) | M.A. - English | B.A. - Philosophy, Political Science | Certificate in Professional and Technical Communication

  • Headshot of Alfonso Mendoza Jr.

    Alfonso Mendoza Jr.

    Founder and CEO of My EdTech Life; Instructional Software Specialist

    Alfonso Mendoza Jr., an innovative Instructional Technologist and Google Innovator, merges his passion for education and technology to amplify creativity and enhance K-12 learning experiences. With over a decade's experience in the classroom and his expertise in various educational software, Alfonso has a profound impact on educators and students alike. As a driving force behind the Google Level 1 Certification of over 300 educators, he is an influencer in edtech, shaping its future. An accomplished podcaster, blogger, and presenter, Alfonso shares his insights and innovations to inspire others in the educational field. His pursuit of a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction underscores his commitment to lifelong learning and the constant evolution of educational technology.

    M.S. - Educational Technology | B.A. Business Administration | E-Learning Certificate | Technology Leadership in Education

  • Headshot of Dr. Samantha Fecich

    Dr. Samantha Fecich

    Associate Professor of Education

    Dr. Sam Fecich is an associate professor of education, author, EduMagic podcast host, and a pumpkin spice latte fan. She supports new educators from campus to classroom one cup of coffee at a time.

    Ph.D. - Learning Design and Technology | M.S. - Special Education | M.Ed. - Instructional Technology.

  • Headshot of Jason R. Clare

    Jason R. Clare

    Secondary Education Social Studies Teacher

    Jason Clare is a public educator with over 20 years of classroom experience. He has served as an instructional coach and president of the Union Area Education Association. Mr. Clare's philosophy of education and approach to learning has had a profound effect on Thomas Thompson's approach to teaching and instructional design. Foundational to his contribution at Eduaide.Ai is a commitment to disciplinary literacy and framing education as a social equalizer.

    M.S. - Curriculum and Instruction | B.S - Secondary Education: Social Studies

If you are interested in joining our advisory board, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email at contact@eduaide.aior by using our contact form.