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7 AI Tools That Help Teachers Work More Efficiently

This is an AI-assisted lesson-development tool that provides educators with more than 100 resource types

8 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2024

If you need a resource for your classroom, Eduaide probably can create it.

Education Year in Review: AI in Education

AcademicHelp is happy to present educational innovations that changed, inspired, and motivated teachers and students this year.

The best AI tools for teachers

Eduaide.Ai takes things to the next level. The tool can generate more than 100 resource types, from simple grammar and spelling prompts to role-playing skits, resume creation, and mock budgets and business models.

EdTech Cool Tool - Eduaide

Eduaide is a collection of over 100 AI-powered tools to help educators create content. Some of the categories and tools include:

AI in Education: Improving Teaching and Learning

Eduaide.Ai is a super helpful tool that makes lesson planning easier and better for teachers. It comes with a lot of cool features that teachers will find useful.

Teacher Goals Publishing

The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education

Access to Educational Resources

Eduaide.Ai is for any educator

Eduaide AI Review: The AI Assistant For Teachers

Eduaide stands as an example of how technology is being considered in the educational sector, providing tools and resources that educators might find relevant in their teaching processess.

Teachers turn to AI to make workload more manageable, chart lesson plans

Jessica Reid saves time lesson planning with Eduaide.Ai

Beyond ChatGPT: The Other AI Tools Teachers Are Using

Generate lesson plans, handouts, writing prompts, project outlines, student reviews, and more.


Eduaide.Ai featured as one of five tools to try by TCEA

5 AI Tools To Try

Eduaide.Ai featured on Teaching With Education Blog

Teachers Are Going All In on Generative AI

Surveys suggest teachers use generative AI more than students, to create lesson plans or more interesting word problems. Educators say it can save valuable time but must be used carefully.


Eduaide.Ai featured on The Whiteboard Blog

AI used in Canadian classrooms to ease ‘teacher burnout,’ but root problems still exist

growing use of AI, particularly platforms like Eduaide and ChatGPT

Building a Comprehensive AI Toolkit for Teachers

These AI teaching assistants serve as a Swiss army knife of tools, all accessible from a single central location, with the primary purpose of streamlining tasks for teachers.

Ai-Assisted Educational Resources

Eduaide Ai offers Ai-Assisted educational resources, specifically lesson development.

Rise of the AI Education Companies

new services have been launched to support K12 teachers understand and utilize a broad range of AI technologies

Podcasts & Conversations

ThriveinEDU Live Chat w/ Thomas Thompson, CEO of Eduaide.AI

Thomas Thompson is an educator and the Chief Executive Officer of His research background examined Open Educational Resources, concept mapping and procedural argumentation, and distributed communities of practice.

The Coaching Collaborative Podcast

Artificial Intelligence and Coaching

Teacher Goals Week of Ai

Eduaide for Personalized and Differentiated Instruction

My Ed Tech Life

Harnessing AI for Effective Teaching with Eduaide.AI

Bot Brothers: Ai For Educators

Let's Work Smarter, Not Harder

Global Education Leaders Podcast

Does AI make teachers obsolete? A conversation with Thomas Thompson

Them 90s Teachers: An Ai System Built For Teachers

Them 90's Teachers Zahra Hassan, and Tasya Clarke talk to Thomas and Thomas of Eduaide.Ai


Dogsthorpe Infant School’s podcast with Thomas Thompson CEO of Eduaide.Ai

EduMagic Podcast: The Future of Danielson Domain 1.

Dr. Sam Fecich talks about some cool Ai tools with a feature from Thomas Thompson CEO of Eduaide.Ai

My Ed Tech Life

Integrating AI Into Lesson Planning with Eduaide

TeacherGoals: Hitchhiker's Guide For Educators

Exploring Eduaide: An Artificial Intelligence Teaching Tool

The Intersection of Ai, Instructional Design, and Backend Classroom Administration Opportunites and Tradeoffs with Thomas Thompson Transformative Principal 564

Most principals are running from one emergency to the next. I help principals find the actions needed to transform their schools so each student has an amazing experience.

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