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AI-Assisted Lesson Planning, Teaching Resources, Assigment Feedback, and Assessment Building



Eduaide.Ai is an AI-driven platform that helps educators create lesson plans, teaching resources, and assessments.

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Instructional Planning Without Boundaries

Spend more time on your students, less on administrative tasks and cobbling together resources, with Eduaide.Ai’s lesson planning platform.

Generate Teaching Resources

Over 100 resource types and learning objects to choose from.

Wield the power of Large Language Models to assist in lesson planning and instructional design.

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The Teacher's Assistant

Streamline administrative duties

Unlock time previously reserved for paperwork and procedural tasks and engage in deep work—planning, differentiating instruction, and exploring new methods and techniques.

Personalization Tools

Meet the needs of diverse learners

Revise and remix generated content to shape the path of learning that best fits your context.

Feedback Bot

Provide timely, relevant, and actionable feedback

Instantly generate feedback for students using four different built-in rubrics or import your own to provide specific constructive feedback with actionable steps for improvement.

Eduaide Chat

Ask the AI model anything you want to know

Collaborate with your AI teaching assistant, ask follow-up questions, brainstorm new ideas, and import the response into your Eduaide Workspace.

Assessment Builder

Create assessments in record time

Craft an assessment using six different question types that allow you to increase or decrease question difficulty, edit the question to fit your needs, and export it to the workspace.

Language Preferences

Expanded accessibility in over 15 languages

Integrate AI-assisted planning regardless of your native language.

We take your data seriously.

Eduaide does not share your data. The large language models used to create Eduaide.Ai are not able to use your inputs or outputs for training purposes.

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Simple & Transparent Pricing, for Every Teacher

We offer a free plan with limited access, and a Pro plan for those who want the full suite of Eduaide.Ai tools and resources.

Eduaide.Ai Free

Get started with Eduaide.Ai using limited generations to learn how Eduaide saves you time.

15 generations /month
Limited Feedback Bot
Enhance & Transform Features

Eduaide.Ai Pro

Upgrade to Eduaide.Ai Pro for unlimited access to all resources and tools.

$5.99 /month
Unlimited Generations
75+ Content Generator Resources
25+ Teaching Assistant Resources
Increased Feedback Bot Assignment Length
Eduaide Chat
Enhance & Transform Features
All Future Features & Tools

For Schools & Districts

For schools and districts looking to purchase Eduaide.Ai, reach out to us for custom discounted pricing.

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An integrated lesson planning platform

All your tools in one place

Source It Icon

Source It

The act of using a Large Language Model to write the basis for a generative educational resource. Generating content is only the first step.

Shape It Icon

Shape It

Look at generated content as a sculptor might a block of marble. Shape the raw material to suit your unique context. Use our suite of personalization tools to more deeply differentiate instruction.

Share It Icon

Share It

Cultivate expertise and collaborate with other users. Share your educational resources with a community of practice to reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute to find what works best for students.

What Eduaide.Ai Users Are Saying

Learn what Eduaide educators have to say about how Eduaide.Ai has transformed the way they work.

Testimonial Image of Matt Donohue

"Eduaide.Ai has transformed my teaching experience by enhancing my lesson plans in many ways. I am now able to fill and close some of my students learning gaps to further their education. There is so much more to Eduaide.Ai that I can't wait to put in place this school year."

Matt DonohueClassroom Teacher
Testimonial Image of Jennifer Blunt

"Most school counselors do not have a set guidance curriculum: we generate classroom lessons from scratch. It is a time consuming process to create learning targets, success criteria, and tasks that align with the lesson objectives. Discovering completely transformed this experience for me. Now, rather than spending time writing objectives, I can be focused on the creative parts of the lesson that engage my students."

Jennifer BluntSchool Counselor
Testimonial Image of Jessica Reid

"Eduaide has completely changed the way I work as a teacher. I use this tool like a personal assistant to help me create units, lessons and content for my classroom. This has allowed me to have more time for the people and things I love."

Jessica Reid8th Grade Teacher
Testimonial Image of Tasya Clarke

"Eduaide.Ai has provided a simplified way to plan lessons. I had the pleasure to meet the owners and the fact that this resource is made for teachers by teachers just shows the passion that these educators have for our children's future"

Tasya ClarkeCoordinator for Special Education Department
Testimonial Image of Zahra Hassan

"Eduaide.AI has been a game-changer for my sixth-grade classroom! Thanks to this innovative tool, I have effortlessly created engaging and differentiated activities tailored to each student's needs. My teaching experience has been transformed, and my students are thriving like never before. Grateful for the impact Eduaide.AI has made in my classroom!"

Zahra HassanMiddle School Teacher

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