Put your knowledge to the test with this challenge on the fundamentals of Eduaide.Ai.

Eduaide Fundamentals Challenge

Challenge: Develop a Complete Educational Unit

  • Unit Plan: Go to the Content Generator section and generate a Unit Plan.
  • Lesson Seeds: In the Content Generator create Lesson Seeds for each part of the unit.
  • Engagement Activity: Still within the Content Generator section develop an Engagement Activity for the unit.
  • Research Project and Rubric: Still within the Content Generator section create a research project for the unit and a rubric to grade the research project.
  • Email Outline: Use the Teaching Assistant section to draft an Email Outline that will inform the parents about what the students are learning in the unit.
  • Substitute Planner: In the Teaching Assistant section prepare a Substitute Planner.
  • Final Assessment: Navigate to the Assessment Builder to create a final assessment with Multiple-Choice Essay and fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Review: Use Generation History to review, refine, and ensure coherence across all components of your unit.