Getting Started with Eduaide.Ai

October 2, 2023

How exactly does Eduaide.Ai work?

Eduaide is an AI-powered tool that teachers may use to create unique educational resources more quickly than ever before possible. This kind of AI may be called generative AI. In other words, a model creates unique content. There are different kinds of generative AI—diffusion models for image generation and Large Language Models (LLMs) for natural language processing. Additionally, there are different types of LLMs. Eduaide, for example, uses OpenAi's API and sets the model to create within explicit instructional design parameters. However, Eduaide is built to be model-agnostic. In other words, the application is not limited to any single model or API. The rationale is that as existing LLMs improve, and new models are developed, what works best now, may not work well later. Moreover, different models may reveal different affordances. In this vein, Eduaide's future value is in its ability to be a clearinghouse for best practices across a range of models, in a variety of tasks. 

How do I know if the content created on Eduaide is correct, aligned with standards, or reflects best practices?

AI models like the kind used to power Eduaide are built on massive amounts of training data. These training sets, it should be noted, could introduce bias in responses. Moreover, hallucinations, in which the model responds confidently but incorrectly can be both apparent or subtle. That said, Eduaide.Ai mitigates these concerns not only in prompt structure and task phrasing but also through a keen understanding of the problem that the AI is being asked to solve. Therefore, every resource offered on Eduaide reflects how we broke complex instructional tasks into single activities or learning objects that the AI can reliably replicate at a high quality in a variety of contexts. In short, Eduaide is a platform for collaboration. The application is designed as a way to check and balance the role of AI in instructional planning.

Eduaide.Ai also offers a range of tools for teachers to better personalize instruction to suit their unique needs. For example, users have a "transform" tool that enables them to take an output and manipulate it—summarize, chunk text, extract keywords, insert questions, translate, or with the newest tool provide some guidance for standards alignment. 

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Eduaide.Ai and Data Privacy

While we suggest that you view our full privacy policy here, the short answer is that Eduaide is an entirely teacher-facing platform focused on content creation. As such, we do not ask for, nor do we store, any student personally identifiable information. Eduaide.Ai is both FERPA and COPPA-compliant. 

Take back your time.

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