Transform Your Existing Resources with Eduaide.Ai

October 30, 2023

While Eduaide assists teachers in generating original teaching resources and learning objects, we also have tools to help modify and remix existing resources. To do this, we begin in the workspace. 


The plus button pictured above allows users to add a blank card to import, edit, and remix pre-existing text documents. Blank_Card.png


Be sure to add a title to your work, so you can easily find the document and all the changes you made in your “Saved Content” where you can add them to classes, make copies, or soon share them with other Eduaide.Ai users.


Once you have copied over your existing materials, you can do more than revise them in a typical text editor. Similar to how the Adobe suite of applications gives you tools to manipulate and remix your work on a granular level, so does Eduaide with text. Our “transform” tools enable you to make small changes to documents to better differentiate and personalize learning to the unique needs of your students. 

Screenshot 2023-10-23 160234.png

Take back your time.

Create educational content, offload time-consuming tasks to your AI teaching assistant, and never worry about "writers block" when creating teaching resources again.