Assessment Builder

Learn how to use the Eduaide Assessment Builder to create various types of assessment questions.

Using the Assessment Builder

The assessment builder in Eduaide.Ai allows you to create quizzes and tests in seconds. You can produce endless questions for assessments or any Eduaide project. It supports multiple question types including:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Short Answer
  • Fill in The Blank
  • Matching
  • Essay

Directions on how to use the Assessment Builder:

  1. Select the grade level of the students for whom the assessment is for.
  2. Enter the topic of the assessment into the “Topic or Keyword(s)” field.
  3. Select the type of question you would like to generate.
  4. Press on “Generate Questions”.
  5. Find a question you like then click on “Add to Workspace”.
  6. You can generate new questions by clicking on “Regenerate.” You can also change the question type by simply selecting a different type and then clicking on “Regenerate.”
  7. Add as many questions as you would like to the same card to formulate your assessment.