Eduaide Chat

Learn how to use the Eduaide Chat chat bot and some examples on how it can assist you with day-to-day tasks.

Using Eduaide Chat

The Eduaide Chat is a chatbot designed for educators, offering limitless possibilities based on the prompts you provide. Use it to navigate tricky situations, draft lesson plans, outline slide decks, and much more. The options are truly endless. You are only limited by the types of tasks you can think to give it. To use the Eduaide Chat, simply type a prompt in the text box at the bottom of your screen and send it through. Below is a list of prompts you can try.

  • “Help me plan a field trip that ties into our current unit on [unit].”
  • “Generate a list of engagement strategies that I can use for my class.”
  • “What classroom management strategies can I use for the following situation: [situation]”
  • “Help me draft a lesson plan.”
  • “Generate a joke I can use with students about: [topic]”
  • “Suggest quick writing prompts for today’s class start. Make them about [topic].”
  • “Organize the following information into a chart: [information]”
  • “Suggest innovative ways to integrate technology into my lesson.”
  • “Create a quiz based on the following topic: [topic].”
  • “Draft an email to parents about upcoming classroom activities.”
  • “Generate a list of discussion questions for [topic].”
  • “Offer strategies for differentiating instruction for diverse learners.”
  • “Suggest hands-on activities for the following concept: [concept].”
  • "Provide tips for effective time management during class."
  • "Create a template for student self-assessment."
  • "Suggest methods for fostering critical thinking skills."
  • "Develop a guide for constructive peer feedback."
  • "Generate a list of prompts for journaling activities."
  • "Suggest collaborative learning activities for small groups."
  • "Offer tips for maintaining teacher well-being and avoiding burnout."
  • "Create a 'Do Now' activity to kickstart class. Make it about [Topic]."
  • "Suggest ways to wrap up lessons with a reflection."
  • "List strategies for calming a noisy classroom."
  • "Offer ways to incorporate storytelling in lessons."
  • "Provide check-in questions for student well-being."
  • "Suggest ways to start class with a positive tone."
  • "Provide strategies for student goal setting."
  • "List techniques for enhancing listening skills."
  • "Generate engaging 'exit ticket' question ideas."
  • "Suggest ways to integrate current events into lessons."