Teaching Assistant

Learn how to use the Eduaide.Ai Teaching Assistant, and best practices for using the workspace.

Using the Teaching Assistant and Best Practices for the Workspace

Teaching Assistant Section

The teaching assistant section acts as your personal helper. It will assist you with tasks that involve professional duties, accessibility, and wellness. Below are the steps for using a tool inside the Teaching Assistant section:

  1. Select the grade level you are working with.
  2. Select the tool you would like to use. (e.g., Email Outline)
  3. Give the tool context for what you would like the output to be by typing it in the “Topic or Keyword(s)” field.
  4. Click on “Add To Workspace”.

Workspace Best Practices

Your created content appears in the workspace where each item gets its own card. Below we'll explain how you can edit your content directly on these cards.

  • On the top of the card you will see a spot to name the piece of content you are working on. You can change the name to whatever you like. This is the name the card will save as.
  • On top of the card you will also see a rocketship button. When you press this button you will see options to transform your content. You have the ability to:
    • Extract Keywords
    • Generate Headings
    • Chunk Text
    • Summarize
    • Increase Lexile
    • Decrease Lexile
    • Translate
    • Generate Answer Key
  • Next to the rocketship button is a pencil button. When this button is pressed you can edit the content as you would a Word document or a Google Doc. To save your edits you must click the green checkmark.
  • You will also see a copy button on top of the card. This button simply copies all of the text that is in the card.
  • The button furthest to your right is your close button. You can press this button at any time to close the card. You will always be able to reopen a card you close.