Feedback Bot

Learn how to use the Eduaide.Ai Feedback Bot to create timely, relevant, and actionable feedback reports for your students.

Feedback Bot

The Eduaide.Ai Feedback Bot makes it easy for you to create timely relevant and actionable feedback reports for your students. You can generate feedback on spelling and grammar (Typographic Feedback) writing mechanics (Syntatical Feedback) or the logic employed in the student’s argument (Semantic Feedback).

Additionally custom feedback can be created using your specific rubrics. Timely relevant and actionable feedback is necessary for students to develop mastery of the course material and modes of thought.

Below you will find a set of instructions on how to utilize the feedback bot effectively.

  1. Paste the text you would like generate feedback for into the “Assignment for Feedback” field.
  2. Note: Select which type of feedback you would like to create: Typographic Syntactical Semantic or Custom.
  3. Note: If you choose “Custom Feedback” enter your own rubric or feedback criteria in the “Custom Rubric” field.
  4. Click “Add To Workspace”.
  5. Edit the feedback report with notes and suggestions in your own voice.
  6. Export or print the report and deliver the feedback to your student.


Feedback generations are not saveable. Once you review and edit it export the generated feedback. Once you close the card it is gone.